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Do you want to study Italian while enjoying a dream vacation by the sea? A two- week holiday, with Italian language and culture courses and a rich program of cultural activities! Our offer includes your accommodation (half board), three hours of Italian classes a day, our exciting cultural program, and two trips. The cultural program consists of: language games, tandem and meetings with students and teachers, films screened in Italian, excursions and guided tours. All this for just €950, with deferred payment.

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First edition of the program – two two-week sessions:


Who is it for?

Our offer is especially interesting for students of Italian but is aimed at anyone who would like to enjoy a holiday on the wonderful coast of Apulia, where you can improve your language skills, learn more about the rich culture and traditions of Southern Italy, and explore the region’s beautiful beaches.


We employ native language lecturers and very experienced teachers. The teaching methods we use are communicative, giving you the opportunity to use your language skills in every context.

Working groups

Each group is based on the level of competence in Italian, established during the placement test. The maximum number of participants is 15 students in each class.

Hurry to enroll!

In order to guarantee the best quality of our courses, participation is restricted to a maximum of 40 people. The application deadline is 15th of May.

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